Ultimate Guide on When to Book Videographer for a Wedding

Wedding videography has been a trend for a long time, ever since the invention of gadgets like cameras and camcorders, but why is it still so important that you film your wedding by acquiring the services of a professional videographer?

Well, the answer to this question is simple. Juggling between so many other wedding plans and filming it with a home camera isn’t exactly an option. Not only will the video turn out extremely bland, but it will also fail to encapsulate the essence and joy from your special day.

Planning a wedding, especially if it’s yours, is tough as is, but it’s important to have a perfect film to look back on, and for that to happen, you need to look into options that best fit your taste and style—all in alignment with exactly what you want for your perfect day.

It’s important that you lay everything straight on the table and evaluate it in a timely manner before they become too overwhelming for you as your wedding day nears.

If you’re unsure of when to book a videographer for a wedding, read this blog to get familiar with the process of hiring a videographer for your wedding.

When Should You Book a Videographer?

The reality of every wedding service is that couples will try to book it as early as possible to secure a good videographer since they’re high in demand. Every aspect related to your wedding day should be taken care of over a span of months and never last minute.

Last-minute handling and management of wedding videography can prove to be a lot more disastrous than it may seem. So, once you and your fiancé have decided upon a wedding date, typically a year or more after getting engaged, you should consider researching different options and book a videographer for the wedding in advance.

After you decide upon a videographer who ticks all of your ‘criteria boxes’ to shoot and record the perfect wedding video, you must then book a videographer for a wedding right away.

You should not wait and delay the process of booking a videographer because the more you’re short on time, the more you’ll have to be vigilant about managing the process.

To make this process as smooth as possible, you must let the videographer know what you have in mind for your wedding so that there aren’t any areas left unaddressed that might sabotage your big day.

Is It Important to Book a Videographer Early?

You must look at your wedding day coverage from a professional expert’s point of view before you hire a wedding videographer. Because the minute you approach them with your requirements, they will start exploring the time possibilities and the magic they can create using their experience of angles and shooting methods.

The earlier you let your videographer know about your wedding date, the better it’ll be. Your special day will be yours to celebrate without having to worry about it clashing with other appointments. Because your videographer may not have many members in the crew, which they can send to cover multiple weddings on the same day. There is often probability that the team will most likely be focused on only one event that the videographer may have.

Covering a wedding usually requires roughly eight to twelve hours, which is quite a lot. Therefore, booking a videographer beforehand puts you at an advantage since doing so ensures that your videographer will not have other clients to get back to. Even if they did, they would have to prioritize your wedding first.

Booking your videographer early allows you to plan out other things for your big day, which is why you must know when to book a wedding videographer before you run out of time. If you have the videography bit sorted, you can focus on other things such as the venue, the guest list, florists, the D.J, the menu, and many other things. So, getting necessary bookings out of the way will help you clear your head and take a breather when the planning bit gets a little too frustrating.

However, it is always advised that couples decide on their wedding date first before making any vague reservations, as this creates a cloud of ambiguity for both parties.

Why Is It Important to Decide Upon a Date Before the Booking Process?

Because the days falling between the months of March and May is when the weddings are on the peak, which means that your wedding is most likely to clash with other people. Although yours is unique in essence, it still isn’t the only event being celebrated at the time.

But since it’s your big day, you should want your videographer to reflect your taste and style for how you want the wedding video to turn out, and for that to happen, you need to run a vigorous background check before you finalize the wedding videographer.

Therefore, you need to be a little proactive in the planning process and finalize every little thing before moving on to the process of planning out the actual day. Because if you decide to book a videographer a few months before the exact wedding date, you might run into a plethora of issues—from checking the videographer’s background to other booking-related issues.

To avoid these issues, you must immediately start researching videographers to pin the right one down. If you haven’t decided on a wedding date, give your videographers a time range to prepare beforehand if there are any schedule changes since wedding videographers for hire may be in high demand during this season.

Finalizing your wedding date before initiating any planning process is crucial since you wouldn’t want to run into problems with bookings. So, consider asking different videographers about their peak season so that you have a backup videographer to fall back on in case things do not work out with the one you picked out for your wedding.

The Bottom Line!

Once you book a videographer for a wedding, make sure you keep them in the loop about your plans for the wedding so that they can keep up and deliver what’s required of them specific to that occasion.

Be very clear about your vision for the videos and what you expect from the videographer so that they don’t end up messing up, especially when it’s your big day.

If you want things to go your way, you must communicate every little detail with them so that everything on your big day turns out smoothly.

To summarize, there are about three key takeaways that you can learn from this guide. Multiple issues are most likely to arise in the future, which somewhat are inevitable, and there’s no denying that, so make sure that you have reservations done early!

It is the most important event of your life; you must sit down with your videography early to communicate everything in advance so they can envision shooting the perfect wedding video.

However, it’s vital that you decide on your wedding date beforehand, especially before reaching out to a wedding videographer for hire; the more specific you are about your date and time, the better it will be. There’ll be less chance for it to clash with other appointments that your preferred videographer may have.

Videographers that Memories by Movie has onboard are professionals and understand how frustrating the planning process can be. This is why we have a booking calendar on our website, which you can look into here. Check our time of availability; if it aligns with your wedding day, then book us right away!

Remember that our videographers are there to make sure you and your fiancé can have a perfect wedding day reel that you can watch again and again as days pass you by, and you want to remember these days fondly with warmth.