7 Must Ask Questions for Your Wedding Videographer

Booking the right videographer for your big day is no easy job.

The task of finding a wedding videographer that best fits your needs can be a bit tricky, especially when this one decision will affect how you and your loved ones will relive your wedding day when you look back at the wedding film in years to come.

Being in such a scenario, it would help if you jotted down a few questions to ask a videographer for your wedding before you finally contact your shortlisted wedding videographer.

We have put together a list of wedding videography questions that you can ask your videographer before making your final decision. This will help you choose the right person to cover your exciting day.

1. How Long Have You Been Working In The Industry?

With the market so saturated with both full and part-time videographers, you need to make sure that the videographer you hire offers high-end services to capture your big day beautifully.

Ask them a few questions about their experience in the field and how long they have been shooting wedding videos. Asking these wedding videography questions will give you a rough idea about their experience and knowledge in the field.

Make sure you are hiring a  professional who has experience in covering weddings. Ask them questions about how many weddings they’ve worked on before narrowing down the right person for your wedding day.

2. Can I See Examples of Your Work?

Ask them for their portfolio to get a rough idea of their shooting sense because there is no such thing as a standardized style made to fit just about any wedding. This way, you’ll know whether you’re investing in the right videographer or not.

3. What Is In The Videography Package?

Before making your decision, you must ask your videographer what you can expect the package to cover because they often breeze through the significant chunks of it without diving into the hidden bits and extras.

So to stay on the right track to find the perfect videographer, you must enquire about the length of the wedding video and the use of special equipment these videographers are willing to use to give you the best results.

4. What Happens if There's an emergency and You Have to Cancel Last Minute?

You must lay all of your questions on the table for your videographer to answer, especially this one because you never know when an emergency or an unforeseen incident might occur. It would be best to ask them about their backup plans, whether they have any or not. Here at Memories by Movie, we have professional videographers as backups that we can call upon if we need them.

5. Are You Experienced In Working With Low Light?

Many professional videographers are well aware of how light affects the overall quality of the film being produced. To avoid running into someone who might not know how this works, you must ask how well they can work with different lights, especially if the light is poor.

6. How Do You Get The Audio For Speeches And Vows?

To perfectly capture your once-in-a-life-time moment, you need to consider your wedding videographer’s style and how they manage to record the audio for the weddings they cover. If the audio isn’t captured well, it may disappoint you and your loved ones.

Videographers need to focus on what’s important: the wedding footage and the audio for a heart-warming exchange of words during the event. They need to execute their job flawlessly, and for that to happen, they need to be well-equipped with all the right tools to make this day one to remember.

To capture the Best Mans’s speeches and special vows that you and pair spouse worked hard on, you must ensure that your videographer has the right equipment to capture the audio of the wedding video they film.

Learn about the kind of microphones they will be using and how they’ll use them for your video(s) because bad audio or a distorted flow of voices can turn a beautiful wedding film into a difficult-to-sit-through video.

7. What's Your Turnaround Time?

You must ask your videographers how long it will take for them to develop wedding films. Because couples sometimes have to wait for over a year to receive their video.

Here at Memories by Movie we aim to provide you with your wedding film within 3 weeks, making sure you are still in the “Honeymoon Period”!

The Takeaway!

It is no secret that planning a perfect wedding can be a little too much at times, but don’t let it overwhelm you until you are exhausted!

We have prepared a list of questions to ask a videographer for your wedding to guide you through the process of booking the right videographers to cover your wedding.

We hope that the questions listed above help you understand what you want before booking a videographer for your big day.

If you like a more relaxed style of wedding films and need to be assured of friendly and professional service from the very beginning of the process of your wedding plan, then do not hesitate to get in touch with us.