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July 30, 2021

9 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Videographer

9 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Videographer

Why You Should Hire A Videographer

Considering not Hiring a Videographer for Your Wedding Day?

In amongst all the planning for your ‘Big Day’, from choosing the most glamorous dress to the perfect venue, managing the guest list, and dealing with all the vendors – not to forget that you’ve got a budget to stick to – deciding whether or not to hire a Videographer for your wedding may be another daunting task in your checklist.

I’m sure you want each moment of your wedding day to be beautifully captured and professionally recorded as you celebrate your day with your significant other, friends, and family, making eternal memories together

Looking back at your wedding day a few days later, or even a couple of years down the line, you wouldn’t want to regret missing out on some of the most joyous moments.

Want to replay the crazy dancing of your bridesmaids, the hysteric moments of laughter, the ecstatic toasts, the endearing hugs of your grandmother, and, most of all, the romantic glimpses of yourself and your better half that certainly need to be cherished?

Of course, you would have pictures…..

Most people don’t think twice about hiring a photographer for their wedding day – but pictures lack some of the most integral elements; the actions, voices, and emotions that are picked up in a video, giving you an opportunity to relive your experience uncountable times even after the big day has passed.

Here are a few surefire ways to eliminate any doubts you might be having regarding hiring a videographer for your big day.

Relive Your Day with All Your Senses!

Capturing your once-in-a-lifetime moments, wedding videographers take spectacular shots of each detail of your wedding day, compiling the entire event into one wedding film with some stunning shots to reminisce each day, evoking the emotions of love.

Wedding photography and videography go hand in hand, yet they capture memories very differently. The video captures entire scenes that you wouldn’t want to miss out on, incorporating all the expressions, movements, and vocalizations so that you can relive the scene in its entirety.

Pictures Can’t Do It All

Your wedding wouldn’t be complete without a fantastic photographer who would capture all the stunning shots.

But with a videographer, you will see the motion of tears rolling down your mother’s face, the trembling hands, and the nervous yet excited expressions on your partner’s face during the ring ceremony.

Capture Your Memories Spectacularly

Couples are often reluctant to invest in wedding videos due to a common misconception that the final result would be analogous to a randomly captured clip from a mobile phone.

As professional videographers, we employ complex, state of the art videography equipment to record moments ethereally.

There is a vast difference in the works of amateur video makers and professional cinematographers, who don’t simply record the happenings but capture each moment exquisitely, from the right angle.

We would present to you your wedding story film, paired with the songs that tell your love story songs, the voices of the people most important to you, and leaving you bursting with emotions every time you watch it!

Your wedding story is a unique chapter of your life that needs to be captured exquisitely, and we take the honor of making it a relaxed, friendly, and fun experience.

Let Your Children Become a Part of Your Wedding

Just like you’ve always complained to your parents for not efficiently preserving their wedding day moments for you to relish, you wouldn’t want your kids to do the same!

Although this might sound too far into the future, remember time flies by really quickly, and it’ll be only a matter of time when you’ll have your younger versions demanding to watch a glimpse of each moment of their parent’s big day.

They’ll be fortunate enough to have your wedding video to witness the beginning phase of their parent’s lifelong bond.

Imagine your next generation, and even the one after that, reliving your celebrations, witnessing your wedding ceremony, your emotional vows, the terrible jokes, and your love for each other – enjoying each moment alongside you!

Your heart would still flutter with the same excitement when you watch the video capturing your first look!

Price Worthy Investment

Often we’ve come across couples skeptical about making this investment and assessing the value for money. But, let us assure you, paying for a videographer is one of the most priceless investments ever.

Every time you watch and reminisce the memories, even two decades from now, you’ll be gratified to have taken this decision.

You can relive your wedding day over and over again, listening to the best man’s speech filled with swaying emotions, the sensational moment of the kiss, and all the spontaneous moments that made your wedding day breathtaking.

Professionally Curated Timeless Piece of Memory

If you’re wondering why videographers tend to charge slightly higher prices, let us explain the intricacies of shooting the video and compiling a thrilling wedding film. Keep in mind that not everyone can do the job proficiently.

We don’t just record videos of your wedding day and deliver 3-hour long footage. Instead, we spend hours choosing the perfect clips to create a cinematic film, featuring all the best moments, your first glance, walk down the aisle, the elegant dance, and all the more, all put together with the perfect combination of music, visuals, and dialogues.

We focus on the quality, employing a multitude of tools, putting our creativity and expertise into effect, and investing hours in creating an exhilarating video documentary, so that each time you watch it, you feel the same emotional connection to all the special moments of your day.

Don’t Let the Moments Fade Away

Memories tend to fade away with time. So even if you have an album featuring all the snapshots of your walk down the aisle, the vows, and the family portraits, a few years down the line, you might not remember the speeches or the little details of the day.

You would never want to forget, let alone lose, this memorable experience.

Think about two months or two years or even two decades from now.

Being able to travel back in time to your big day and relishing all the beautiful moments filled with laughter and tears of joy, the ‘I do’ moment, the transitioning expressions from curiosity to amazement on the first glance, the deep breathes and fidgeting fingers, all of it giving you an adrenaline rush and an all-new emotional sensation.

Would you want to let these memories faint away?

You Wouldn’t Want to Regret Later!

If you’re contemplating hiring a videographer, you might want to take a few suggestions from those who’ve already had their big day.

Couples who thought a videographer wasn’t that important at their wedding regretted their decision as they feel pictures aren’t sufficient for them to relish their joyful day.

On the contrary, you wouldn’t find a single couple claiming that investing in their video shots was a poor decision.

You wouldn’t want to regret missing out on the memories of the most important day of your life! After all, your relationship with your partner and the lifelong bond that you both tied deserves to be cherished and recorded well, never fading away in the memories.

Share Your Wedding Video with Your Loved Ones

Whether you want to share your exquisite wedding clips on social media or send them to friends and families who couldn’t physically make it to your wedding, the uninterrupted, creative flow, featuring all the highlights of your big day, naturally capturing all the moments can be sent to them so that they can enjoy and cherish your happiness.

Final Decision? Yes, You Need a Videographer!

Every second of your big day is paramount and needs to be preserved well.

By capturing all the moments and happiness-filled footages artistically, ensuring our non-invasive style in the middle of the shoots, we produce a cine relive magic video incorporating all the glorious moments that you can and cherish forever!

To request a quote, you can contact us via live chat, fill in the form or call us at 07841463881. At Memories by Movie, we would be delighted to be a part of your big day.


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