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A wee update....

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Hey everyone,

Sorry I have been a bit quiet recently. This has been down to 2 things:

  • I wanted to give you all a bit of peace from my constant ramblings..
  • I have been really busy processing orders! (which is always a good thing)


In recent weeks, we have been working on some really special orders, from celebrations of a loved ones life, footage of a customers early rock band career, and also recovering some wedding footage that a customer thought was lost forever! Its orders like that which make this job rewarding!

I always spend alot of time making sure your Memories are perfectly captured, so would rather make a great job of them than take on too many orders and rush them just to make an extra few quid.

So, with only 29 days left till the big man visits, I will only be taking another 2/3 orders, as I already have a few in progress just now.

Please get in touch ASAP if you are planning on giving a loved one a Memories By Movie this Christmas!






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Video Editing

We also provide 3 video editing services

  • DVD Movie made from your pictures -  Do you have pictures lying around your house, on a memory stick or in a folder on your pc or laptop? Been to a wedding recently (possibly your own), a great holiday, or maybe got some great pictures of your baby growing up?  What are you going to do with them? The answer is probably nothing. Use Memories By Movies great service to show off all your pictures to friends and family, give it as a gift, or just keep it for your own memories!


  • VHS to DVD Conversion - Got an old VHS tape lying around the house, but no VHS player to play it on? Don't lose those memories! Contact MbM today, and we can convert your old wedding videos, childhood memories or special holiday onto DVD! We can also edit it, and add music and menus, at no extra cost.


  • Camcorder to DVD Conversion - Got a Camcorder? Do you capture great footage, but not too great when it comes to technology? Well fear not, Memories By Movie can take your footage, and use our video editing skills to make it into a great DVD Movie! We can add music, pictures, menus, and even edit out the dodgy camerawork if required!
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