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Rock ‘n’ roll stardom brought back to life by MBM

Just received this from one of my customers, and thought I would share it:

Around 12 years ago, I played with some of the finest musicians I know in a band called JARR and we were lucky enough to land a spot on a national TV program. We travelled to the TV studio in Aberdeen and were rock stars for the day, dressing room, runners to bring us food and beverages, the works. We spent the evening at the local hostelry in the company of fellow guests and presenters and even saw ourselves on the telly right there in the pub, a great experience!

Just before the holidays I started to think about getting that old footage updated. I began to get in touch with band members to find out if anyone still had the old VHS footage, ( thanks to the singer’s father for providing that!) and then started to look for a company who could take the old VHS format and bring it into the modern age. There are a great number of companies to choose from when it comes to video conversion; however it’s not easy to find exactly what you need when you are on the other side of the planet! After some research I struck gold and found a company from my native Ayrshire called Memories by Movies. The owner of the company, Alan Gray, is highly aware of the logistical challenges surrounding the managing of such a project from another country and worked tirelessly with me to make it all happen. Alan even went as far as picking up the original footage and dropping off the finished article, as well as making the payment transaction very easy for me. MBM provided DVD copies for the band members who live back home and I managed to get them mailed to them in time for Christmas.

All the former band members have responded to me and were delighted with the quality produced, including extensive audio and video enhancement, which truly surpassed my expectations.The big seller for me was the youtube link MBM provided along with the conversion. I am unable to get my hands on a hard copy straight away, therefore an online version is exactly what I needed. I’d like to point out that I didn’t even have to ask for this as MBM offered it to me straight away!

For anyone out there who ,like me, has some old footage and would love to bring it up to date I’d highly recommend the professional and user friendly service provided my Memories by Movie. If you’d like to see the results of my rock and roll project, please feel to watch it below! Many thanks, John



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Video Editing

We also provide 3 video editing services

  • DVD Movie made from your pictures -  Do you have pictures lying around your house, on a memory stick or in a folder on your pc or laptop? Been to a wedding recently (possibly your own), a great holiday, or maybe got some great pictures of your baby growing up?  What are you going to do with them? The answer is probably nothing. Use Memories By Movies great service to show off all your pictures to friends and family, give it as a gift, or just keep it for your own memories!


  • VHS to DVD Conversion - Got an old VHS tape lying around the house, but no VHS player to play it on? Don't lose those memories! Contact MbM today, and we can convert your old wedding videos, childhood memories or special holiday onto DVD! We can also edit it, and add music and menus, at no extra cost.


  • Camcorder to DVD Conversion - Got a Camcorder? Do you capture great footage, but not too great when it comes to technology? Well fear not, Memories By Movie can take your footage, and use our video editing skills to make it into a great DVD Movie! We can add music, pictures, menus, and even edit out the dodgy camerawork if required!
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